Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chrysler Cash For Clunkers: They'll Match It

Chrysler,which is now out of bankruptcy(thanks to our tax dollars), has a new program in which they will match the government's new cash for clunkers program or offer 0% financing for up to six years. It really is the old rebate or zero finance ploy which the auto companies have used in the past. Reworking it to coincide with the government rebate is a pretty smart marketing ploy. It remains to be seen if it will cause a substantial increase in sales.

There's a few caveats with the government program and it sure will be interesting to see car salesmen working deals with this one. If anyone is considering this be careful you don't get screwed. Learn everything you can about the program and make sure you do your homework on how much your old vehicle is really worth(check for that).

Here's a good resource with interactive tools that will guide you through the new program: Cash For Clunkers Facts

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