Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gas Price Ripoff

The Real Reason You Were Robbed At The Pump

Many factors can determine the ascent of gas prices, and this is where confusion arises in today’s market, and propaganda begins to take root. In 2008, the historic march of oil costs was blamed primarily on “speculators”, commodity investors who buy up petroleum with no intention of actually using it, thereby creating a false sense of scarcity in the market and driving up prices artificially. This was, for the most part, what really happened.

Another cause of oil increases is the natural reduction of global supply in the face of rising demand. An American economy running on all cylinders would necessitate greater supply and a higher price if that supply is insufficient.

Essentially both triggers are dependent on the fact of scarcity, engineered or legitimate, in order to cause price spikes. Neither trigger is applicable in today’s market, where currency weakness is the central determinant, yet these are the arguments we are hearing and will hear more of as we are fleeced at the pump through dollar devaluation.

From: Oil Juggernaut Unleashed

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